Fun with Souvenir Plates.

I really love souvenir plates. I have some of them hanging in our apartment but there are only so many you can display before things start getting out of hand. So I decided to try and find some other way to use them that would allow me to display them in all of their kitschy glory.

(See the white paint to the right of the project? That’s a result of me not putting paper underneath a painting project like my husband instructed me to — this was years ago. I learned an important lesson in physics that day: it doesn’t matter how fast you run down the stairs, you cannot beat white paint. It dripped down to the second AND the first floors of our apartment, the first floor being where my landlord lived. That wasn’t a happy day for me.)

I used the instructions from this blog, with a few changes. She seems to have no problems finding brass candlesticks that are completely hollow, allowing you to insert your own threaded rod. The only ones I could find were hollow to the base, but then the stick part of the candlestick had its own thread on it, allowing it to screw into the base. So that’s where the bottom plate goes. But because you can’t put a threaded rod all the way through the piece, securing it with a nut at the bottom, I had to glue the threaded rod in the body of the candlestick with epoxy — I used a plumbers epoxy, which is kind of like glue in putty form. I mixed it up, made it into kind of a skinny snake shape, and fed it into the body of the candlestick, then inserted the threaded rod directly into it. After it had cured for 24 hours, the top plate could be screwed on with a vintage doorknob at the very top.  I have no idea if any of that makes any sense!

I must say, I think I like the way they came out.

August 1, 2010 - 10:08 pm

janie hightower I love these, so much better than just the plain plate. You can USE these!