Worldly Finds.

I got these two globes at the same yard sale last weekend.

I have decided that the globes with the black backgrounds are my new favorite. (As Justin said, “Pretty soon, that’s what he oceans are going to look like, right?’ Ah, dark ecological humor.) The one on the right is HUGE — about three feet in diameter — and broken. But I couldn’t resist it because of its size.

ETA: I wrote this post before visiting my friend Roxana’s house — she has an amazing collection of vintage globes. Her tips on quickly dating globes are to look for Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, since it didn’t exist until the early 1960s and/or check out Africa for historical changes (if you’re as smart as Roxana!). Also, she says many globes have copyright information on them which, of course, would be the easiest way to date.

This is very cool, I think. The very nice woman I bought it from said her aunt brought it back from the Phillipines when she first came to this country — she said it was hand-carved.

July 30, 2010 - 5:41 pm

Leilani I love old globes, a nice find! I just picked up a 1960s black globe last week at a thrift store, I like them better too!