More Random Finds.

(You’re getting a small glimpse of what my apartment looks like right now with every post I’m making of recent finds! People, it’s a mess!)

The little horse and cow are so freaking cute. I can’t decide whether to keep them for the nursery or sell them at the Bazaar. The thing is, I’ve got so many knick-knack things for the nursery already it’s getting a little ridiculous. The Shiny Brites are the oddest combination of blue and green — really pretty. I’m going to try and get two wreaths done for the Bazaar so I thought I would pick these up when I saw them at an estate sale last weekend. And, finally, the white picnic basket. Someone lined this sucker with the most hideous 1980s fabric patterned in bows, of all things. I don’t think I can rip it out without damaging the basket, though — they seem to have used glue. It’s pretty cute, all the same.