The mystery of the plastic baggie gets me again.

I’ve discussed how the thrift stores’ practice of putting random assortments of items in a baggie fascinates me. You might find a pair of vintage glass doorknobs in a baggie with a mini wire whisk, a Plug In fragrance thingy, and a lamp harp (true story). You really want those vintage doorknobs but you gotta take the whole package.

I found this adorable pair last week in a baggie:

A-DORABLE. i love the know-it-all look on the little girl’s face. She learned a lot from that book she’s carrying and she can’t wait to tell you ALL about it.They’re stamped “Germany” on their little feet, but I don’t know how to find out anything else about them. They’re about three inches tall — tiny. When I try to find something similar on eBay hundreds of cute German children come up.

At least the other items in this particular baggy were of a theme:

Little tiny minatures. The little mice in the walnut is particularly cute, although too blurry for you to see.  Sorry about that.

Any ideas on my little German pair? Age, maker, etc.? Or are they just generic figurines?

July 28, 2010 - 8:32 pm

Leilani The bagged collections at the Salvation Army I go to usually don’t interest me but I used to find pretty cool stuff in the thrift stores in Wisconsin! Love the finds from your grab bag, especially the little lion and penguin!!!