Fabulous Pillows!

We need to discuss my mother.

First, let me tell you that you would love my mom. All of my friends always have, and she is especially a hit with my friends up north, where her down-home charm and thick southern accent apparently makes her even more adorable.

She is also the most talented seamstress I know. She did all of the linens for my youngest niece’s nursery and, at the results, ┬ámy sister-in-law said to me, with a manic gleam in her eye, “Do you KNOW how talented your mother is?” She’s been sewing since before she was a teenager, when she would take scraps from the dresses my grandmother made for her and her sisters and make doll clothes.

So I have this love of fabric, which came from her, and a huge store of vintage fabrics, and when I opened the booth I got really excited about the possibility of partnering my supplies with her talent for a bunch of cool pillows and stuff made out of barkcloth and such. But that was before I knew she had ADD. She managed to cough out two pairs of pillows for February’s Vintage Bazaar, which sold, leading me to believe that that would be incentive for her to make more but, alas, none were forthcoming. So I figured my trip down this last time was a good time to crack the whip and force her to make some more. HA. As if it’s that easy. Dad flat out refused to let me put a lock on the sewing room door, something about it being “inhumane”, so I had to resort to constant nagging, which really didn’t do much good. Two of my favorite quotes from her were “Oh, I don’t much like to work after 5 pm” (after I tried to shoo her to the sewing room after a full day of chit-chatting with relatives) and “Whew! I haven’t had my shoes on for this long in a really long time!”

In the end, she produced five beautiful pillows:

She finished the other cowboy pillow and has actually started on another couple of pairs (I talked to her yesterday and asked her why she wasn’t going to start on more sets and she said, “I have to get ready for my trip!” She’s going to North Carolina on SATURDAY. I was talking to her on a MONDAY. I must have guilted her into changing her mind. ADVANTAGE: ME).

She has finally become the pillow-making machine I always dreamed she could be. Let’s hope it lasts!

July 21, 2010 - 7:54 pm

janie hightower Oh, your mother is laughing and laughing. Not sewing, just laughing.