Boothy News and Arkansas Purchases.

SO: I gave notice at the Fayetteville antique mall and prepared my booth with a closeout sale for the months of July and August. Everything is 50% off right now and then, come about August 15th, we’re putting up a 75% sign to try and get rid of what’s left. I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friends Kristie and Barb, who both have a booth at All My Treasures (frankly, the BEST booths in the place) who helped me price stuff there at the end– Barb had me change a price tag on a children’s cabinet that I was selling for half off of $25 to $80 — I didn’t think the cabinet was in near enough decent shape to sell for that price but within three days, it was gone. I feel pretty secure having the two pros advise me on this stuff!! I even got the storage space all cleaned out, which I didn’t think I was going to be able to do; I was trying to figure out how I could get down there again sometime in August to finish up things at the booth and empty the storage space. A few things happened that helped me be more efficient, though: the morning sickness started to seriously┬ádissipate, I was able to fit more stuff into the booth than I thought, both older nieces stepped in to help a great deal, and their superwoman of a mother, Michelle, was relentless with her help despite the fact that she herself is seven months pregnant. “Let one of the girls lift that, Michelle,” I would say, only to turn around to see Hercules heaving some ridiculously heavy object onto her back and tossing it into my car like it weighed nothing. So in the end, I got to close out my storage space and JUST IN TIME: the day after I got everything out, I got a call telling me that a flash flood had flooded my storage space! I was happy to inform them that I had moved out the day before. The girls have promised to accept an hourly wage for going down at the end of August and boxing up what’s left for Goodwill. I was so relieved to realize that I wasn’t going to have to make another 10-hour drive in the August heat that I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be about giving up the booth.

After Fayetteville, I drove up to see my parents in Little Rock, where my Mom and I did a little antique/thrift shopping. Shout out to Savers Thrift Store (which we don’t have in Chicago), who puts all of their maternity clothes in their own section — none of the thrift stores in Chicago do that, that I’m aware of. I have been sick over the thought of paying full price for maternity clothes since they’re SO temporary (hopefully — for all I know I could still be fitting in to maternity clothes this time next year!) so I was thrilled to find a ton of really good quality thrift store buys. I think I spent around $80 total but got SO MANY outfits — I’m probably set for September and October…I just have no idea how big I’ll be at that point, so I don’t know what to expect. I haven’t said this out loud on the blog before but we are actually having TWINS! I wanted to wait until we were pretty far along since there is always the possibility of a vanishing twin and it just seemed more prudent to wait. So, with twins, as everyone and their mother is all too happy to tell me, you get REALLY REALLY BIG.

Along with maternity clothes, here are a few little things I couldn’t pass up:

Everything in the first five squares came from Midtown Antiques, which I wrote about in my last post. The lamb and the bird dish are for the nursery (!!), the cake plate and the vase are because I couldn’t resist them, and the bust is for resale at the Vintage Bazaar. I actually got two of those busts for a REALLY good price but my mother purloined one of them for herself. The wicker baby buggy planter is a gift from my mom — she bought it off of ebay a year after we got married and has been sitting on it in the hopes that we would get pregnant. Thank goodness we did or it would have gone to waste! And the cute McCoy planter is from a REALLY scary antique mall in Morrilton Arkansas, which we popped into while in town to spruce up my grandparents’ graves. It’s so puzzling to me how places like that stay in business, but hopefully, my $4 contribution helped SOMEONE out.