Little Rock Vintage — Part 2

Though more predictable and conventional that Hillcrest Junk , Midtown Antique Mall is my favorite place to shop while in Little Rock. Located at the intersection of Rodney Parham and Markham, this mid-size antique mall has a hugely varied selection of vendors and merchandise — from super-swanky to your very basic booth. That’s my favorite kind of mall — I don’t like the ones where every booth is mega-expensive, with only the very BEST of antique merchandise (I like to get some grit under my fingernails while shopping!), but I do like to peruse those types of booths every now and then…so the best of both worlds can be found in malls like Midtown.

The three big pieces in the collage above were priced beyond reasonably — $249 for that 1950s settee (she had two of them), $250 for the English armoire (it was petite and carved — lovely) and $289 for the French Provincial (I guess) vanity. Not holler-for-your-mama cheap, but if you were shopping for these pieces, I think you’d feel awful lucky to get them that inexpensively. The guy with the lazy susan dishes in his booth cracks me up — how specific can you get with your merchandise? But how happy would you be to come across this booth if you had the perfect lazy susan with one cracked dish that you were looking to replace?

The booth rental is really reasonable in this mall (I was considering having my booth in LR instead of Fayetteville), but because of that, they have a waiting list a mile long. Still, if I were in the market for a booth in Little Rock, this would DEFINITELY be my first choice — it’s busy every time I go in there and the staff could NOT be nicer.

The prices are so great here that most of my Arkansas vintage purchases came from Midtown — I’ll show you those in the next couple of days!