Little Rock Vintage — Part 1

I don’t think I have many people from Little Rock who read this blog (other than my mom and my aunts) but I took my camera with me while shopping during my Arkansas visit and thought I would highlight two of my favorite LR haunts — the first being Hillcrest Junk. They started out in a kind of run-down storefront, in their current location, in 1992. I THINK my family has been visiting since then, because I seem to remember calling it the “new” thrift store. They re-built into a swankier space maybe six years ago? Seven years ago? They have an eclectic mix of newer and vintage items, and you never know what you’ll find. The husband and wife team who run the place must split up to shop on Saturdays because I’ve run into her at sales, but never him. For a very, very long time their prices were SHOCKINGLY low — I never walked out of the place without buying a bunch of stuff — but I noticed this last visit they might have started raising their prices a tad…which, to be fair, just makes them closer to charging fair market value on their stuff. And their furniture is still bargain-basement priced — last Saturday they had the cutest vintage table with four chairs for $20 (WHA?) and this be-yoo-tiful wardrobe my mom and I couldn’t really get over: $150! It was gigantic — it would hold SO MUCH STUFF. Why it was still there, I do not know. They’re at the intersection of Beechwood and Kavanaugh in Little Rock, and are only open Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Check their website for hours before setting out because they’re seasonal — also, be aware that they sometimes open before the listed time because their merchandise spills out the doors onto the lawn and they kind of have to open early. AND expect a line — they have quite the reputation for bargain-priced fabulous merchandise!

July 15, 2010 - 10:11 pm

Leilani After reading this post and following a vintage fashion blog based in LR, I’m convinced the vintage shopping there is MUCH better than in NW Arkansas. Thoughts? Also, how much was that burgundy velvet cape?? It’s amazing!