Random, Part 3.

These bookends weigh about eight pounds. Brass, maybe? I like the little green planter a lot. And the tablecloth came from an estate sale I waited WAY too long to get into. I really have almost decided that getting to estate sales on the first day — worse, in the first hour — are just not worth it for me. I can so rarely afford anything at estate sales on the first day, when things are full price, and I just cannot stand the crush of people you have to deal with at the very beginning.

July 9, 2010 - 7:47 pm

Shannon LOVE the planter. I want to see the full thing! It looks like an unusual shape…very detailed.

You know, I’ve been thinking with all these wonderful planters you have…you really have to choose some amazing flowers to top the beauty of the planters!

July 9, 2010 - 7:49 pm

Leilani I had a really ridiculous estate sale experience yesterday… somehow I ended up managing to be number 1 on the list (YAY) but the heat, lack of food and water really addled my mind, so much so that I ended up passing up a pair of perfect condition Haeger bookends for $10. I’m sure they’re worth much more than that and I should have bought them to resell at some point, gah. It’s hard to think clearly when there are TONS of people around you snatching things up and you’ve waited so long you feel like you are obligated to buy something. I ended up passing up on going to a good looking estate sale today as I couldn’t handle going through the experience 2 days in a row!