Random, Part 1.

I haven’t been doing a lot of yard saling or thrift store shopping lately…the morning (which is really ALL DAY) sickness is waning but every now and then it sneaks up on me and sidelines me for 24 hours or more. I’m having more and more good days in between the bad, though, so I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and that is SOME RELIEF.

I have been slowly but surely getting all of my Vintage Bazaar goodies together — priced, wrapped, and packed away in tubs that I can store in the garage. I am in a major PURGE  mentality and am feeling totally overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in our apartment. If you’ve read my blog for any longer than a span of two weeks you already know I have a bad habit of buying things I have no use for, no place for, and no business buying…but that I love the looks of. THAT has to STOP. This new addition to our family and apartment is going to take up all of the spare room. I finally got the majority of the VB purchases (purchases made in the last three months or so that comprised the top layer of stuff cluttering our apartment right now)  packed away but now am planning on spending the summer going through each and every room, dresser, and closet and dividing crap into three piles: yard sale (the annual Newgard block sale!), VB, and Salvation Army. The idea is that by August 23, the clutter will be gone from the apartment and I can start getting the nursery together. We’ll see how that plan pans out.

The next couple of posts aren’t going to be very exciting…just some shots of stuff as I packed up the VB boxes. Hopefully, my second-hand shopping will recover soon and I’ll have more interesting things to show you.

Nobody uses ice buckets anymore, I know. They’re damned inconvenient in that they only hold like four cubes of ice and those melt pretty quickly. but this one charmed me with its baby blue color, Lucite knob and handle, and size — it’s tall and skinny. Very sixties.  We’ll see if it sells, I guess. I LOVE this clock. It is GIGANTIC — about two feet in diameter. Love the vintage look to the numbers, though it is not a vintage clock. I got the two pieces of barkcloth in the same weekend, but at different places — I’m hoping to use them for lampshades. More milkglass! This is a huge vase I couldn’t pass up — it’s about 14 inches high. Cannot stop buying the milkglass.