Second Guessing.

As soon as I can get off the couch without feeling like I need to vomit (sorry, TMI) I’m going to start pricing the mountain of merchandise I have targeted for the Vintage Bazaar. As I’m digging stuff out, some items make me wonder what the hell I was thinking when I made the purchase. Or is this the morning sickness talking?

This is one of those things. I originally liked the colors and simplicity of it but now I think it looks like something I could have done myself.

Hopefully, I’ve got more good stuff than bad stuff, though. My booth is bigger this time around and I’m determined to be a bit smarter about the efficiency of the space. The shopping time is longer, too — seven hours! — so I’m really excited about the potential.

June 27, 2010 - 6:08 pm

Leilani Your booth was a total hit last time, I bet you’ll do even better at the next bazaar! I actually like the above print (?), the style reminds me of Japanese brush paintings. Sadly I love buying kitsch/slightly tacky vintage art which is embarrassing as I have an MFA!

June 27, 2010 - 11:00 pm

Ord-Red I love the print. It’s totally the morning/afternoon/evening sickness talking.