Elkhorn Flea Market

My friend Roxana, who I met through the blog, recommended Elkhorn Flea Market to me. Located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, the 500-vendor market opened back up after the long winter last Sunday. Justin and I got up at 4 am (I KNOW! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT??) and drove the hour-and-forty-five minute route to arrive just shortly after 7.

Roxana told me I would not be disappointed and boy, was she right. I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place! I was trying to decide if it was bigger than Kane County or not. Hard to tell, since I’ve never made it through either one of them. What I liked about Elkhorn was the sheer variety of wares — from junk to expensive antiques, ranging from every decade possible. AND fresh produce and garden plants. It didn’t hurt that the weather was beautiful and everyone we talked to was extraordinarily friendly and outgoing.

Here’s the part you will not believe: we left and drove back to Chicago at a little after 9. AM! Not PM! At some point, I decided I didn’t need to make a choice between the Ravenswood Manor neighborhood sale  and the flea market — I decided I could do it all! There were some particular items we were looking for that we thought Ravenswood might have and it’s one of the few sales that Justin actually looks forward to, so I did them both. Not the greatest idea, as it was exhausting, I didn’t get to see all of Elkhorn, and, by the time we got to Ravenswood, there really wasn’t anything left that I was interested in. Lesson learned: focus on one huge sale at a time! Don’t get greedy!

I am definitely planning a trip back to Elkhorn, and, Roxana, I promise I will stay longer than two hours next time. Meanwhile, take a gander at the items I purchased at Elkhorn:

You know I love my beloved matte cream pottery. Nonetheless, this has taken the lead position as My All Time Favorite Piece of American Pottery. I usually don’t spend over $10 on my pottery (and even $10 is too much) for I thought $30 for this was well worth it. It makes me happy.

These were all a buck a piece. I had a really good time going through this woman’s booth. I have decided that I am going to try and make a vintage pin bouquet . So I’m going to be looking for massive amounts of these pins, the cheaper the better. It looks like it takes about 50-60 pins per bouquet.

VERDICT: check out the Elkhorn schedule and get yourself there at some point over the summer! Thanks again for the suggestion, Roxana!