Here Comes the Sun…

…aaaaand there goes the sun.

The sun came out for the first time in about two weeks on Friday, and I woke up at 5:30 am with a start, thinking I had overslept — it was so bright in the room, it seemed like noon. It was a beautiful day. Today, Saturday, was supposed to be pretty sunny but ended up being cloudy and cold again and I feel angry about it. Someone must pay for this crappy weather. BUT WHO?? Bah. It is May and I am ready for the weather to realize it.

I had a fairly uninspiring shopping morning this morning that I will take photos of in a day or two. In the meantime, here are some shots of some purchases from thrift stores over last week.

That glass stand was purchased at one of my Arkansas visits this Spring — I accidentally left it in Fayetteville and it just made it home with me. I’m going to try and polish the silver cake plate up. I’ve never had a silver cake plate, but I think it will be very pretty for serving food at parties. And another wooden bowl, because I buy them every time I see them.

The cute vase was $2. I buy cute vases anytime I find them for $2 or under because I like being able to give them away with flowers in them — I buy supermarket flowers, arrange them in a vase, and wham — cheap floral arrangement. (Now you know what a cheap gift giver I am. Sorry, friends who have gotten floral arrangements from me.) I love the squat glass cocktail pitcher. I thought the egg cups might be unmarked Carlton Ware but I think the polka-dotted socks and lack of button on the mary jane shoes means they’re knock-offs. But I still love them — I think they would be cute on a desk, holding paper clips.

Those of you hogging the sunlight: stop being selfish and send it on its way to Chicago. I’m getting jaundiced over here.

May 15, 2010 - 9:32 pm

Shannon Your vase and flower arrangement gifts are a great gift idea! The vases are so unique and it just brightens someone’s day!