I Would Like Her Job.

I check in with Timeless Vixen on Etsy about once every two weeks. Check out these photos of dresses that are currently for sale in her shop.

Buy this dress here.

I can’t imagine a more lovely life. Travelling around, digging into people’s attics and basements (at least that’s how I picture it), and rescuing forgotten dresses from the dark corners to which they’ve disappeared.

(Great merciful heavens, look at this one. Buy this dress here.)

Then you get to spruce them up, shake them out, steam them straight, and restore them to their former glory.

Buy this dress here.

Dress the mannequin, accessorize, and take your pictures! She must have a brisk business, because the merchandise turns over on a regular basis.

If you’re having a grey day, skip on over there and check these beauties out. I wish she had a blog.