Junking Buddies.

My Fayetteville friend Kristie, loyal reader of my blog, rounded up these items for me after seeing my post about finding a set a couple of weeks ago:

Remember how I was barely in town for 24 hours? Wouldn’t you know I ran into her at a yard sale she was having that Saturday morning? I’m telling you, when your friends are fellow junkers and you haven’t seen them in a while, just hit the local yard sale circuit and you’re bound to run into them! This box of Federal dishes has awesome serving pieces — a great platter and a sugar and creamer set — along with a ton more plates, bowls, cups, and saucers. She thought I could add it to the pieces I already have in order to sell it all for a bit more. I’m telling you, people, folks in the south really ARE that nice! Kristie, I promise that hat stand is going to get to you and Bailey very soon. Sorry it’s taken so long!!