Dreary Weekend!

Those of you who were in Chicago on Saturday know that it was just about the dreariest May Saturday on record. Rainy, cloudy, windy, and SO COLD — I don’t think it hit 50 all day. IN MAY. Ah, Chicago…you always have to make sure that love/hate relationship is maintained. I don’t know if it was because of the weather or what, but there really weren’t a lot of sales. We hit the Church Rummage Sale in Evanston on Church St. (ironically) first, and, if any of you were at yard sales or rummage sales and noticed a lack of rude, pushy people, I know why — they were all with me in Evanston. SERIOUSLY. I got there soon after they opened and I don’t know if the aggravation is worth it. I contend you can shop politely and still get good items. Exhibit A and B:

Pretty Czechoslovakian pitcher and heavy (I swear, it weighs 8 pounds!) white milk glass serving bowl. I’ve never found a milk glass serving bowl before.

Dear fellow shoppers at Evanston Church Rummage Sale: I purchased the above items without pushing, shoving, or otherwise inserting one of my body parts into someone else’s personal space. I did not snag them by puffing my body up in order to take up more than my share of the room at the table they were on (see: the dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park ). It can be done, people.

Maybe the weather was making me crabbier than usual? I don’t know. I stopped by the Kinzua street sale Katherine mentioned at on the BackGarage hotlist, and saw a couple of things I probably would have bought…but the prices were not great. Or even good. They would have been good prices in an antique store. Like, I would have thought, wow, this is a very reasonable antique store. For a yard sale? Not so much. All in all, a crabby, cold, wet day, and I was so looking forward to sales this weekend! Oh, well, we’re already halfway through Monday and hurtling straight towards another weekend…the Ravenswood Manor Neighborhood Sale is Sunday. I’ve been a pretty regular attendee of this sale off and on for the past ten years, and I’ve found it to be hit or miss. I try to get there pretty early because MAN does it get packed, and very quickly. I think it’s a really good place for people to get baby stuff, because, as the neighborhood has changed over the years, a lot of the older families (with older stuff to sell) have moved on while younger families have moved in. I would say I find at least one good find there every year, though. I am keeping fingers crossed that the weather will be May-like!