Boothy News.

I did not get very good pictures of the booth this time around. It was such a quick trip — I was trying to get my business at the booth finished so I could zip over and catch some of Taylor’s soccer game, but I ended up doing a crappy job on the booth AND not making it over to see her game.

Okay, these pictures are ridiculously boring. See the lamps in the right picture? I found those the day before I left, at the Unique on Sheridan, which is the store all my friends swear by. I usually don’t have a whole lot of luck there, but I got those lamps and a bag full of other things that day. The lamps aren’t old, obviously, but they’re very patriotic — the stained glass shades are the stars and stripes — so  I thought they may do well in Arkansas.

The cool carved lectern on the left was part of that same shopping trip to the Sheridan Unique. The chalkware Madonna was at the Unique on Elston. I LOVE it. It’s huge, and so beautiful. It was hard for me to give up but I really don’t have a place for it. I don’t know if it will sell or not — I have a few other religious pieces in the booth and they’re not selling at all. I’ll bring it back for the Fall Vintage Bazaar if it doesn’t. Yes, Chicago Peeps, there is going to be another Bazaar in August! I am so very, very excited and already have a roomful of stuff earmarked for my booth, should I be lucky enough to get one.

About an hour after I did my rush job on the booth, the antique mall called to say my linen rack had fallen — I put a ton of new linens out and had just priced them and arranged them just so. It made me ILL because there was no way I was going to get back there to fix it and I am SUCH a control freak. My amazing SIL and niece Taylor headed back on Sunday after I had left to fix it up — Taylor said Michelle figured out how to tie it to the booth frame so it won’t happen again. I won’t get down there again until after school is out — June 18th — so for now I just have to deal with not having control over it. I knew these were the risks of opening a booth ten hours away from where I live! My own foolish fault.

My friend Kristie’s booth looked AWESOME and I have been doing nothing but kicking myself for not taking a picture — she’s got a lot of mid-century modern stuff in there, all very vibrant, yellows and greens — really Spring-y and different from every other booth in the building. She’s got a lot of owl-themed things right now which are huge in Chicago. Kristie, have you considered moving up here?? Imagine the shopping trips we could go on!

Here’s a quick story to give you an idea of how insanely busy and hectic this trip was — after I flew through the booth rehab on Saturday morning/early afternoon, Justin and I had to run some errands to get some things we needed for the wedding, which was at 5 — my brand new shoes turned out to be missing a rhinestone. Although the rhinestone was tiny, tiny, tiny, it somehow managed to leave a gaping black hole in the buckle on the shoe and even I, who am NOT the sharpest dresser and usually cannot even be trusted to iron my clothes, could not deny that something needed to be done. So we drove to Hobby Lobby, miraculously found a rhinestone the right size, grabbed some Super Glue, and set off for our next errand. For some reason, Justin got mad at me for trying to glue the rhinestone in the shoe while I was driving (I swear, I was doing the majority of the work while at a stop light) and grabbed it away to try it himself. The next thing I hear is cursing from the passenger seat. I look over, he’s Super Glued his thumb and forefinger together. I was in a full metal rage at this point and yanked the car into a parking spot — by the time I put the car in park he had somehow Super Glued his HAND to the SHOE. REALLY?? We need this added to our already stressful day? It took about thirty minutes hunched over a bowl of nail polish remover to detach his hand from my shoe.

Looking forward to this weekend…although it has been rainy and cool here today, I have high hopes that there will be SOMETHING good on Saturday. Hope you all have something to look forward to as well.

May 8, 2010 - 9:54 am

Shannon The faces of Mary and Jesus on the statue are just precious. It is rare to find religious pieces with faces like that…they look angelic. It is a beautiful piece…I hope it sells!

Poor Justin! Hey, it’s not everyday you find a man willing to superglue a rhinestone to a shoe…or even entertain the idea of going to find a replacement one at hobby lobby! It was a funny story though!

May 8, 2010 - 6:07 pm

JunkHunk In my defense, the car was actually parked when I made my attempt, so one would expect that a reasonable amount of precision could be had. One might also expect that the glue would have the slight viscosity afforded by competitors such as Krazy Glue or Gorilla Glue. Be warned: Super Glue(TM) is like water, and a gentle squeeze causes a geyser of adhesive that gets everywhere. Including, it turns out, the underside of my finger, where I had not noticed it until momentarily laying it on the toe of the shoe.

The ransacking of the house to find nail polish remover was an amusing tale, too.