Fayetteville Family News

So we drove down to Fayetteville on Friday, celebrated an 18th birthday and a wedding, then zipped back to Chicago on Sunday. Justin was so tired when we got home Sunday that he left his entire key ring in the mailbox lock. It’s just lucky we weren’t murdered by a serial killer that night.

Of course I have to post photos of my nieces. This was one of my favorites from the trip.

She leaves that headband in her hair! Doesn’t even try to pull it out. She’s a genius, I’m telling you.

She got a new play set in her back yard and she adores it.

Those look a little over exposed. I’m telling you, she moves so quickly, from full sun to shade, inside and out, a photographer has NO TIME to adjust her settings!

It was this beautiful young lady’s 18th birthday.

(The one on the right, I mean. The one on the left just celebrated her 21st birthday this year.) She went with grandma, grandpa, Justin and me to the wedding, where the favors were sour skittles, which inspired these photos:

Dad’s “wow, those are sour” face is a little more understated than Alex’s.

Little miss Taylor scored the winning soccer goal at her school’s semi-finals. Or, wait, the game before the semi-finals. It was dramatic enough that there was an entire newspaper story about her the next morning! Once again, she eluded my camera, so I don’t have any photos of her this visit. You will have to take my word for it: she is as beautiful as she is smart, charming, and talented at soccer.

I’ll post some booth news here in a day or two. It’s Advanced Placement testing season at my school, which means things are crazy for me at work — but I will try not to get behind on my posting!

One more, if you don’t mind…