Weekend Sales.

Okay: so last weekend was a pretty darn good junking weekend for me. I spent almost he entire day — from about 10:30 until 4:30 — and put probably a little too many miles on the car, but it was fun.

For Chi-town folks, here are the sales I went to:

St. James Rummage sale: 3857 N. Kostner

Estate Sale: 1136 Hartford Lane, Elk Grove (I’ve never been to Elk Grove before. These were the nicest people. Two sisters, cleaning out their mom’s house. She had been living in the same house their whole lives. Nothing was priced, but they said to me when I first came in “everything is cheap.” If you’re a veteran estate sale shopper, you know that “very cheap” means different things to different people. I have a plan for this: I find something that looks like it might be pretty expensive, ask for a price, and if it’s reasonable, I start loading up my pile. At this one, I asked about the coffee carafe (I’ll show you later!), was quoted three dollars, and went to town.)

Church Rummage sale (can’t remember the name of the church): 3144 Home Avenue, Berwyn (took me FOREVER to get there; hit it at 2:00, and the bag sale had started at 1:30. HOWEVER, I scored a vintage metal typewriter table for…wait for it…FITTY CENTS!)

Estate Sale: 5847 Reba, Morton Grove

Estate Sale: 7531 W. Argyle

Estate Sale: 4848 N. Nordica

Plus the Goodwill I mentioned earlier this week and a couple of other thrift stores. It doesn’t look like very much, does it, when you think about me spending SIX HOURS shopping. Of course, most of it is driving time. Ah, Chicagoland on a Saturday.

This is PART ONE.

1. Matte white McCoy planter. $2! It’s perfect. 2. Hopping on the owl train with this chalky white owl with awesome blue eyes. 3. I cannot explain everything I purchase. These are vintage Creative Playthings rubber animals. They were cute and in a plastic bag. 4. Groovy seventies planter. I like the shape. 5. This is Avon! I didn’t think I would ever be someone who would buy decorative Avon items. What can I say. It was milk glass and a chicken, a combo I could not resist.

Definitely one of my favorite purchases this weekend. The nice ladies I bought this from said it was a dessert server. But it’s so tall. It seems too tall to sit on the table but too small to sit on the floor. ENIGMA. It’s marked “handpainted, Italy” on the bottom. Behind it is one of the two chalk boards I bought at one of the church rummage sales. They’re huge — maybe four feet by four feet — and were ONE DOLLAR EACH.

The house was an impulse buy, but at $3, I decided to take a risk. I think it could look very cool on a shelf in a living room. And I could not pass up the seventies donut phone. Is it seventies? When did phones go to push button rather than dials?

There are some more odds and ends to show you. I’m splitting this into two posts because 1. there’s a lot of crap to show and 2. I’m heading down to Arkansas for a few family events and won’t be able to post while I’m there, so I’m setting these posts up to post while I’m gone. Fayetteville friends: we’re getting in late on Friday, have a wedding on Saturday late afternoon, and will be leaving on Sunday morning: but I will be revamping the booth Saturday morning/early afternoon so if you get a chance to stop by, please do!!

May 3, 2010 - 8:32 am

Susan Earnest Lara, I took a few minutes this morning to look at your blog and it turned into 30 minutes. Gosh, I love your collectibles. Where are you putting everything? It just looks like you are having a blast–I love all the fabric items, bowls, and the red boots are great.
I have a question about the wedding you went to in Fayetteville this weekend. By any chance was it held at the Botanical Garden?
I look forward to spending more time looking at your blog.