Over the last two or three estate sale-ing weekends I’ve found myself out in the suburbs more than often — and I’ve stopped at the Goodwill store at 1900 Harlem Avenue in North Riverside several times. Always on a Saturday. Usually, I avoid thrift stores on the weekend, but heck, if I’m driving right by it…might as well go in. Amazingly, every time I’ve gone in, I’ve found something cool, old, and cheap.

Last Saturday, I found four mixing bowls taped together — so I could see the one on the very outside and the one on the very inside but I couldn’t see the other two.

(Sorry for the blurry photo.)

I could see that two of the bowls were Pyrex — new Pyrex, and not a very interesting pattern, but the other two bowls intrigued me — again, this is why I buy stuff in the plastic bags. It’s the grab bag aspect of it that gets me. Anyway, all four bowls were only $3.99, so I figured I didn’t stand to lose too much. I was DEE-LIGHTED to find these inside the bundle:

Two small McCoy mixing bowls! Yay! And all four for $4! My risk paid off.