This jar situation is getting out of hand.

I can’t stop buying jars. With lids, preferably.

More apothecary jars, blue Ball jars, and — look at the little jar with the floral lid and the cut glass perfume jar! Those last two came from that same estate sale I’ve been talking about — remember, I told you I carried out a garbage bag worth of stuff! In the basement of this estate sale, there were shelves, shelves, and more shelves full of decanter-style cut glass jars with stoppers. Some had stoppers, some did not, and then there were a TON of spare glass stoppers. So if you have a bunch of cut glass decanters at home missing stoppers, you really missed the boat if you missed that sale.

I think my obsession with glass jars stems from my yearning to be more organized than I am. How ironic that they’re sitting on a shelf in my pantry, empty and accumulating.