Fab Fabrics.

So, I went to an estate sale in Wilmette last weekend that was great. It was the second day, the crowd had thinned out, and the house had the nicest feel to it. It was warm and inviting, with lots of windows and sunlight, and I just got the general vibe that the person who lived there had been happy. It was a huge house, and it was fun to poke around the nooks and crannies. I found a plethora of textiles and fabrics there.

The first two are lengths of fabric that I’m going to use for a lampshade — I love the Asian print and the pink floral is really cute and unusual. The dresser scarf has delightfully thick embroidery. I THINK the items in the second-to-the-left photo are placemats? Maybe? There are 11 of them. And last is a cherry-print vintage dishtowel. I got two of those.

The attic of the house smelled EXACTLY like my grandmother’s. This was an old house in Wilmette and my Grandmother’s house was an old house in tiny Morrilton, Arkansas…but if I closed my eyes, I could easily imagine that I was in my granny’s house. Could have something to do with why I had such a good feeling about this house! They were selling the clothes for a quarter a piece, and there wasn’t a whole lot left. I got these two things:

Okay, not my style, but for a quarter, pretty cool, right? I wonder if this woman bought it in Thailand herself? Those of you who are twenty years younger and twenty pounds lighter would look adorable if you paired this with some leggings.

This dress is so strange. What era is it from? Is it sixties, made to look forties? I just loved the embroidery. I didn’t see any missing threads.

I walked out with a garbage bag full of textiles. There is no better feeling than walking out of an estate sale with a garbage bag of awesome crap!

April 20, 2010 - 11:28 pm

Leilani I’m sorry I missed this one…the two estate sales I went to this weekend didn’t have any clothes so I just got a few knick knacks/housewares. Love the embroidery and the patterns on the textiles.

April 22, 2010 - 9:53 am

Ord-Red ugh. so jealous! Was this the one on Broadway just north of Isabella?

April 23, 2010 - 11:30 pm

Lara Jo I have no idea — it was off of our list. I can tell you how we got there: we were driving south on Green Bay, coming back from an estate sale in Glencoe, and saw a sign for the sale — we turned left off of Green Bay just north of Evanston, then turned a few more times. How is that for precise?? Do you think you went to the same sale? There was a wheelchair ramp outside and one of those lifts on the stairs inside the house.