More Milk Glass Love.

Two milk glass sets that I’ve bought in the past couple of weeks: the first, a Fire King set with settings for 10.

Do you call this milk glass? Or just white dishes? They’re in beautiful shape. I guess they were earmarked for dessert, maybe? Although the plates are regulation dinner size. I think it’s a really nice, summery set.

This I got at one of the estate sales I went to last weekend. I don’t particularly like it, I must say — I don’t like the milk glass with fruit on it (Indiana Harvest Fruit, I think the pattern is called), but it was a really good price, and I thought it was kind of cool that the set had eight glasses in perfect shape.

I bought it for the booth. It is at this moment that you should seriously question my business acumen, as I have repeatedly noted that milk glass doesn’t sell in my booth. LEARNING PROCESS! That’s the phrase I use to excuse all of my bad decisions.