Handy Rust Removal Tips.

So, reader Ord-Red is a pro at removing rust from metal objects and/or spray painting metal — here was her advice when I asked her about her methods:

Here is a easy little tutorial for working with metal pieces.


I personally think it’s usually best to sand away rust. Otherwise it’s like the slow drip drip drip of destruction. And who would want to see a cool vintage piece destroyed?! I’m an awful painter — but so is everyone else. You just get better with practice. The real secret to spray painting for beginners is to work outside if possible (more room and fresh air) and to stand back from the piece and make sweeping passes with the paint. Standing back means less paint makes it onto the piece, but then you get to slowly build up the color without creating a goopy mess. It’s a slower process, but less chance for error. If you do get drips or goop, then let it dry, sand it off and retouch.

Post pictures if you do work on the pieces. I’ll be excited to see your efforts.

I am left wondering why Ord-Red does not have a blog of her own!

Last week, when I was first pondering this, I wrote Katherine at BackGarage and she used my question in her post today.

Much good advice to ponder.