This, that, and t’other.

I am at the tail end of Spring Break and I finally got some of the chores finished that I really wanted to cross off my list by the time I go back to work. I got back from Arkansas on Tuesday night, and basically lazed around on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Friday I was 100% going to get down to business and start on the house, but this is how my thought process works: “Hmm. I have to go down to the laundry room to get that load of laundry I left down there. I might as well get in the car and go to a few thrift stores since I have to climb the stairs anyway.” But on Saturday and today, I MADE myself stay home and work. Here is a brief synopsis of what I’ve accomplished:

  • Cleaned out my closet and dresser. Stuffed two garbage bags full of clothes to give away.
  • Went through four giant tubs of vintage linens and separated them into four categories: keep for myself, pack away to take to mom to use for sewing projects, give away to the Salvation Army, and sell on eBay. I emptied out two giant tubs!
  • Cleaned out the old metal cabinet in the bathroom and replaced it with the chimney cabinet that didn’t sell at the Vintage Bazaar.
  • Ironed all of the clothes in my closet that needed it and plotted out outfits for the next two weeks (AWESOME! Because there’s nothing worse than me staring, bleary eyed, into my closet for five minutes every morning).
  • Got rid of ten (TEN!) cans of old paint.
  • Polished up some silver pieces to sell in the booth.
  • Got all of my lampshade fabrics in one place.
  • Went through my magazines and got rid of a giant bag of them.
  • Listed five chenille spreads on eBay.

YAY! Just reading it makes me feel all industrious. There are things on that list I’ve been wanting to do for months. Why am I so lazy? Especially when I feel so good when I’m not.

On a related note, I have these two plants in my kitchen that I love, but that turned out like this:

Is there something wrong with it, or is this how it’s supposed to look? What am I supposed to do with all of that dead stuff? Because, please don’t ever tell the plant I said this, but that’s so UGLY. It bothers me every time I look at it. Suggestions, please.

Here is one of the bedspreads I have on eBay right now:

They’re a pair. I showed a little bit of them on the blog when I got them, back before Christmas. They’re Cabin Craft Needletuft, and the tag says “handcrafted” — does that mean that all of this stitching was done BY HAND? That just blows my mind. This is not to my taste, particularly, but you cannot deny that it is overwhelming and beautiful in its own way. They’re in pretty good shape, except that each of them has a hole in the middle — one that is mended (pretty convincingly) and one that needs mending. You know what? It might be nice to cut that middle out and frame it. I’m talking myself out of selling these! It’s just that when you find something unusual like this, you’re tempted to keep it. But I’m trying to purge. SO NO. I WILL NOT KEEP THEM. No matter how cool they are.

In business news, Leilani had asked me what was selling well in the booth. It’s kind of easier to give you an idea of what’s NOT selling (does that make meĀ pessimistic?)

  • I just brought home a big stack of super-cool botanical prints that I had marked REALLY cheap in the booth that never sold — they’ve been in since November .It’s not that pictures don’t sell, because I have had pretty good luck with prints of themes other than botanicals.
  • Glassware doesn’t do very well. I’ve had two sets of glasses — hobnail footed juice glasses and really pretty etched champagne glasses — priced low that have been there since December.
  • Milk glass.
  • Cocktail items (vintage bar ware). I thought this would do well since F’ville is a college town but apparently the hipster college kids are shopping elsewhere.

Things that we can count on selling:

  • Vintage picnic baskets
  • Vintage platters (they’re selling like hotcakes!)
  • Vintage purses OTHER than the straw ones, which are my favorites!
  • Vintage plant stands

I find it really interesting to read other people’s blogs about what’s selling and what isn’t in their booths — Sue atĀ Vintage Rescue Squad is always writing about what goes fast in her booth and I think it’s fascinating. This whole first year is going to be a learning experience for what sells and what doesn’t down there.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter (if you celebrate) or a nice weekend (if you don’t) and I hope, wherever you are, you’re headed for lovely Spring weather.

April 5, 2010 - 12:52 pm

janie hightower I’m sorry, but I laughed when I got to the bottom of that plant.I don’t even know what that is, and for sure don’t know why it would die at the bottom like that. Google it. I would google it myself but I’m too busy LOOKING FOR A SPOT TO PUT THE TUB OF FABRIC YOU’RE BRINGING TO ME!!!!