March Booth Madness.

I am obsessive with the booth when I visit. I am there everyday, often for hours at a time, moving things around. Michelle has gotten to the point where she can’t even watch me, it drives her so crazy. I don’t know that it would be a good idea for me to be in the same town as my booth — I think I may hide in the corner, spying on people as they shop, frantically replacing each item as it’s purchased.

I love being there, though, and always end up having conversations with the shoppers. That place does the business, let me tell you. Even on weekdays, the foot traffic is unbelievable.

The highlight of this booth re-do was meeting my long-distance friend Kristie in person. She has a booth at All My Treasures too and knows my SIL — she called me to chat about the biz. She’s amazing — she’s running two booths right now in two different malls. I can barely keep up with one. Kristie, you need to start a blog and teach us all how it’s done. She and her daughter Bailey have come across some amazing finds that would make for intriguing blog fodder!

I loaded the ol’ booth up this visit. The idea is to give it layers, like an onion, so people can peel off a layer and reveal a new one. That way Michelle has to do the least work possible. The whole idea was that she would be putting her own stuff in there as well, therefore mitigating my guilt feelings at leaving her in charge while I’m in Chicago, but what with the toddler and a new one on the way (that’s right! I’m going to be an aunt for the fourth time!) and the fact that she is the world’s most generous person and says no to nothing and no one means that she hasn’t had time to forage for merchandise. Despite my trying to boss her around and MAKE her go to yard sales. I packed up a lot of things — mostly things that have been there since the booth’s first iteration in November. I was pretty confident that it was the right thing to do but as I was boxing things up a woman came around the corner and said, “I saw a teapot I wanted to buy! Did someone already buy it?” and I had to unwrap it from the box I had just put it in. I guess there’s no way of knowing whether it’s the right time to take something out of the booth or not — who knows when that teapot collector is going to come in and buy every teapot you’ve got on hand? But I’m trying to keep it fresh so people wnat to come back often.

The second day I was there I came in the front door of the shop and saw this:

Is there any sight better than something of yours sitting on the front counter, waiting to be purchased? It sold the second day it was in the booth! (The person also got that awesome vintage camera for $5. Sweet score!) I’ll be anxious to see if the other two lamps sell.

April 2, 2010 - 11:59 pm

Leilani Nice, I would have definitely bought that camera too. Yes, All My Treasures has been around for ages (have been shopping there myself for 10 years I think?), which is definitely in its favor and has a good amount of merchandise turnover which makes me want to come back. Any ‘trend’ reports from Fayetteville? I’m always curious what sells in your booth!