I have returned.

Pardon the absence. I took a whistle-stop tour down to Fayetteville, Arkansas, home of the most fabulous nieces, sister-in-law, and brother in the world; home of the Pretty. Quirky antique booth; and, for this last weekend, home to my wonderful parents.  We had a lovely two days when we were all  together in the sweet Arkansas spring weather. My brother and SIL demonstrated their otherworldly patience and generosity by letting us all come and stay with them the day they got back from their Spring Break at Breckenridge…can you imagine walking into your house after a 14-hour trip with two teenagers and a toddler and finding your relatives camped out in the living room? Why, it gives me the shivers to imagine it. But they only had smiles and sweetness on their faces when they came in.  Taylor, who had not slept in her own bed for a week, gave up two more nights to let me sleep there.

I don’t like to brag, you know I don’t, but I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD.

And, of course, photos must accompany that statement. You are not stupid. You need photographic proof of the above claim.

This one got tubes put in her ears on Wednesday and is recovering nicely. She is the most hilarious child — such a mix between what her sisters were like at her age.

She loves her dog, Margaret.

She loves Grandma.

She loves her sisters…

…both of them (and really, who wouldn’t?)!

(She loves her mom, dad, and grandpa, too, but they’re more wily at avoiding my camera.)

Really, she loves everybody.

But if she doesn’t like something you’re telling her, this is the look you will receive.

More posts soon to come with updates to the booths and recent thrift finds!