Shine a little light…

My first experimentation with re-covering lampshades was in October, when I wrote about it on BackGarage. I got really discouraged with the process, which inevitably led to me wrestling on the back porch with two yards of fabric, sticky with glue and adhering to everything except the lampshade. I’ve continued to acquire lamps, though, and while I guess I could try and sell them in the booth without shades, I’ve never lost my yearning to pair the perfect lamp with the perfect lampshade.

So. Back to the drawing board.

I had a major breakthrough when I stopped spraying the whole piece of fabric with the spray glue, all at one time. Instead, I spray about six inches, press it on, spray six more inches, etc. Much better. Also, when I cut the pattern, I leave a lot of excess around the edges to make sure there’s enough fabric to fold over the edges. The other tricky part that I’m still struggling with is with fabrics with a lot of patterns — twice now I’ve managed to get the best part of the pattern right at the seam, which you would want in the back of the lamp. So I’m still perfecting that.

Here are my latest experiments.

I LOVE this fabric and got quite a lot of it at a yard sale last summer. I think it matches the yellow lamp perfectly but this is one of the shades where I put the best part of the pattern towards the seam.

Yeah, I TOTALLY impressed myself with this one. I love the fabric with the lamp base and I think the shape and size is perfect. I’m awesome, aren’t I? AREN’T I?

I love this one too, but again, the best part of the pattern is back by the seam. I cheated by turning it around for the picture. I love the contradiction of the super-feminine base with the straight, staid lampshade.

Aleene’s Fabric Glue works perfectly for folding the fabric over the edges. The only other tip I would emphasize is that you want to be careful to not overlap the fabric too much along he seams — because when the lamp is on, you can see the overlap.