Accidental Collections: Tiny Vases

I bought a few new items to add to a few of my collections last weekend and I realized that almost all of my collections are accidents — I bought one thing because I kind of liked it, bought a second item because I already had one like it at home, then bought the third, fourth, fifth, etc. because…well, because the two items that I already have might be lonely. And then, wham, I have a collection.

My tiny vases are a perfect example. The first one I got at a church rummage sale because I had never seen anything like it — it was like a miniature McCoy vase. Slowly, over about three years, I found three more of them. They’re only about three inches high!

Could they have been salesmen models or something? I love them but they’re kind of hard to find. These four took me about six years to find.

March 23, 2010 - 9:13 pm

Leilani How adorable, I don’t think I’ve seen any like this before but now that I’m aware of them I’ll probably start uncovering them at estate sales! I’m subtly influenced by what I see floating around on blogs– I never really liked the ’70s items until I started seeing them on other people’s blogs and now I love owls and bright orange and avocado green kitchen things.