The High Cost of Good Health, Part 2

You know how you wrap pills in peanut butter when your dog is sick and needs medication? The Brown Elephant on Clark is the peanut butter that disguises my fitness walks of late.

I am a fan of the cloche. I cannot stop buying the cloches. Ma’am, put the cloche down and step away from the thrift store.

I like the wavy glass on this one.

I’ve had the little figurines that I posed under there for years. I got them at an antique store that was going out of business.

I think they’re pin cushion tops. The one on the right is chipped. Yes, I bought her like that and no, I didn’t realize it until I had gotten home. I would have bought them anyway. They’re so pretty and delicate.

This vase doesn’t match anything in my house but it was one of those things that immediately appealed to me as soon as I saw it.

It weighs a lot. It was a little expensive but I’ll bet I lost at least three extra pounds carrying it home.

Stay tuned for more fitness-motivated purchases…

March 15, 2010 - 1:13 pm

janie hightower I really like the blue vase. That color is so unusual.