Estate Sale Goodies…All For Me!

On Saturday, I went to an estate sale in Kenilworth. Side note: I know Kenilworth is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Chicago (according to Wikipedia, the 11th wealthiest suburb in the nation!) but, if Wikipedia is to be believed, has a shameful past when it comes to civil rights. I shall never look at it the same way again. ANYWAY, this was the second day of a two-day sale in a very expensive suburb, and I normally would not have bothered, but the estate sale company was Good Bye, Good Buys (no website that I can find) and next to Candace’s Antiques (no website either!)  I think it’s one of the only estate sale companies in the area that consistently has fair prices. Because it was the second day of the sale, everything was 50% off. I found new additions to two of my collections.

Creamy white matte pottery is my true love, but over the years I’ve branched out a little to include pink and blue pottery as well. This is marked Mission Bell, California. I tried to find out something about it on the Internet but I’m not having any luck — Metlox had a Mission Bell line, but I can’t find anything but dishes under that name — no vases. It’s shaped like a bell, so I suppose that could be a title rather than a maker. I dunno. But the price was right, and I love the look of it, so I picked it up.

I had sworn off cake plates. I have more than a sane individual should have. I don’t know why I love them so much, but I’m incredibly attracted to them. I managed to sell four or five of them at the Vintage Bazaar, but it was sad for me (also sad for me: I sold these. I can barely stand to look at that picture. Why did I sell those? They took up almost no room! I’ll never find anything like that again! Shannon, I’ll be you feel my pain on this one.). But THIS cake plate is a step above. It’s older and more ornate than most of of mine. I also like the size of it — on the petite side.

Gotta fill up those empty spaces the Vintage Bazaar left, you know!

March 7, 2010 - 5:55 pm

Shannon You’re right, I do feel your pain. You obviously weren’t in your right mind when you put those out!