Vintage Bazaar Report: Part Two.

I thought the vendors at the Vintage Bazaar were AWESOME — not only were the items in their booths drool-worthy, but they were so friendly and helpful. I had about fifteen minutes in between when I finally put the finishing touches on my booth and when the first customers showed up to skip around take some photos of other booths. They’re not very good, because the light was somewhat dim and I was trying to avoid using flash, but they give a good enough idea of how incredible some of the other offerings were.

My fellow Arkansan Leilani — who I “met” through the blogworld and finally met in person on Saturday — shared a booth with her friend Albert, who creates amazing products with vintage ephemera.

See the horse riding awards in the photos? I had some exactly like that for sale in my booth! I got mine at a Chicago yard sale and she got hers at a Chicago thrift store. I forgot to ask her if hers sold — I’m thinking they did since I saw a girl with two of them midway through the day and she hadn’t bought them from me. Leilani had pinned hers on some of the vintage dresses she was selling — VERY cute.  Clever merchandising! I don’t know why I didn’t get any photos of Albert’s side of the booth — I’m a big fan of his stuff.

There were three vendors in the little room where I was located — on the left was one of the nicest people I met all day: Diane from Fine Diving. I’ve been reading her blog and column in TimeOut Chicago for a while now, so I was excited to meet her in person. She was super sweet, had a lovely family (including a daughter who makes excellent shortbread cookies), and was offering beautiful items.

I’m pretty sure she sold most of everything that I took pictures of. That ribbon chair is even prettier in person than it is in the photos. While we were setting up our booth the night before, people kept coming in and gushing over her upholstery projects. She has such an eye for the perfect fabrics and they’re all bright, graphic, cheerful prints. It was great spending the day selling next to her.

I’ve been a reader of Lisa’s Retro Style for a while now, so it was totally exciting to meet Lisa in person. Her booth was ASTONISHING. I never did ask her how long it took her to set up — it looked like a booth that had been in place for years, fully realized. Beautiful.

Lisa was in the same darkish part of the room Leilani was, and like the photos from Leilani’s booth, these photos do not properly convey how adorable her stuff was. Those files in the photo on the right were fabulous. Lisa was really sweet about complimenting my stuff and had some very beneficial advice on pricing and Etsy stores, which I’m thinking of starting. I loved her!

Here are some miscellaneous shots I took of some cool things.

Top row, both photos: Charlene Macias, Timesavers Estate Sales. Middle row, first photo: The Big Heist (oh, how I love their logo).  Middle row, middle photo and bottom row, right photo: Greatest Generation Vintage. Middle row, third photo; bottom row, first photo: Vintage Goodies.

As you can see, tons of excellent vintage buys, and all at great prices. If you missed this one, you’ll have to be sure to catch the next one!