Falling in love…AGAIN.

Jesus help me, I have found yet another china pattern to obsess over.

The maker is Canonsburg, pattern Lyric. I love the colors, love the pattern, love the shapes. I love coffee cups that have a sweet surprise inside the cup instead of outside. Like a secret. I got a box of random pieces from this set, most chipped. I don’t care. I bought them anyway. Now they will clutter up my random dishes shelf until my descendants have to clean up my house after I die. CHEERFUL THOUGHT. I need to stop buying random dishes! But I can’t! I think this is a problem! Actually, I’ve seen those clocks people make out of china plates and I’m thinking that may be the solution to my random dish addiction.

I got these at the Economy Shop in Oak Park, after seeing it in the BackGarage yard sale hotlist last weekend. This is a whole-house thrift store that’s been in operation since 1919 and benefits a wide range of charities in Oak Park (including Hephzibah Children’s Association,  an amazing group home for children in the foster care system that I worked with while I was a Court Appointed Special Advocate). I had never shopped here before, because their schedule is weird — they’re only open once a week on an alternating Thursday/Saturday schedule that I’m not intelligent enough to figure out — but with BackGarage’s help, I finally visited on a day they were open.

They opened at 9 on Saturday and I got there at about 11. My takeaway from it was that you need to get there right at 9, to get any of the new stuff they’ve just put out — otherwise, it was very much like shopping at a church rummage sale on the third day of the sale. There wasn’t much other than my BELOVED NEW DISHES that I was interested in — but their prices were very good and I would definitely hit it again, only earlier. The next time they’re open is Thursday, March 4th.

February 25, 2010 - 1:10 pm

janie hightower This may be a repeat… something I wrote earlier didn’t show up as a comment. I just said that this would be a place I would like to go WHEN I get to Chicago, for the fabric and also I would buy one of those cabinets for my little bathroom. And I do like the dishes.

March 9, 2010 - 10:49 pm

Tracira Great photos of the Economy Shop. It’s never looked better. I was at the sale Sat. and there was some great vintage fabric pieces. They were being gobbled up around me, but I managed a few for my collection. As for the weird schedule, I have a solutions for that. If you sign up your email on the website for reminders, an email is sent a couple days before each sale date. You even get a sneak peak link!

March 10, 2010 - 8:07 pm

Lara Jo VINTAGE FABRIC??!! I am gnashing my teeth in envy. I will definitely sign up for the reminder — I want to go back, because the people there were so nice — it was a lovely experience. Thanks for the tip!