Booth Re-do.

I zipped down to Fayetteville last weekend to do a quick rehab of the booth. The last time I did this, the second week of December, we had our biggest month yet. Of course, that can probably be attributed to Christmas, but I’ve read that shaking things up on a regular basis can really help with sales. I drove down on Thursday and drove back on Saturday…and felt like I had been hit by a mack truck the day after I got back. My niece Alex was on the basketball homecoming court on Friday so I managed to pack a lot in 24 hours.

Michelle and I are wondering how long we should leave something in the booth before rotating it out — I packed up about three boxes of stuff that didn’t sell this time around. These items have been in the booth since November — about three months — so I figured they should come out…but then I stopped at an antique mall on the way home from Arkansas and noticed that people there leave things in their booth so long some of the ink had faded on the price tags! So maybe three months is a little hasty. I had three vintage cake stands that didn’t sell — and they were priced super low. That surprised me. I thought cake stands were still really collectible.  Maybe this is a case of me loving something so much I just assume everyone does as well.

So the biggest new change is in the lower left photo — we built a linen rack. I should say MICHELLE built a linen rack. Prior to having this, I had no way to display linens and they were all languishing in the storage space. I have a bad feeling that it’s going to be difficult to keep the rack neat, but I thought it would be better than stacking them all up on a shelf.  We also increased platter racks because the platters were selling so well. While I was setting everything up on Friday a lady stopped and said, “I was just here two days ago! You didn’t have any of this china! Did you hit a really good sale or something yesterday?” and I had to admit that it was all in my storage space. She lifted her eyebrows in what appeared to be a judgmental way. Oh well, just one more person who thinks I’m a hoarder.

See the plant stand in the top middle row? I happen to love it. Very 1950s faux-Mexican. Michelle and I had the following conversation about it:

ME: Don’t you love the plant stand?
MICHELLE: Oh, yes, it’s awesome.
ME: How much do you think I should mark on it?
MICHELLE: Oh, I don’t know, that’s a hard question. Something like that is PRICELESS.

And it was at that point that I realized she was being intensely sarcastic. She hates it! She also hates the rustic, rusty, vintage store display rack that you can almost see in the upper right hand photo, in the corner. I LOVE this shelf. I shifted a bunch of our display shelves around, bought a new one from another vendor, and got rid of a few — and all of the conversations about these moves went like this:

ME: I bought a new shelf and I’m going to move it to where the green shelf is and then —
MICHELLE: — we can get rid of the green shelf?
ME: No, I thought we would set the green shelf on top of the cream shelf in the corner but eventually —
MICHELLE: — we’ll put a price tag on the green shelf and sell it?
ME: No, no, I was thinking we could use it for garden items once we get further into the Spring.
MICHELLE: But eventually we’ll sell it, right?
ME: Call me crazy, but I’m getting the feeling that you don’t like the green shelf.

She says it’s dirty and rusty and all she can think about when she sees it are tetanus shots. I told her that eventually I would put a price tag on it, see if we can sell it, and if we do, I WIN.

I’m thinking I’ll go down again for a few days during Spring Break (late March), then again right after school ends. I’m hoping that if I shake things up a lot every two months or so, and Michelle re-stocks in between, we’ll keep things fresh enough to make sure things keep moving off of the shelves.

February 21, 2010 - 1:31 am

JunkHunk “I told her that eventually I would put a price tag on it, see if we can sell it, and if we do, I WIN.”

And so does she.

February 21, 2010 - 9:31 pm

Leilani Wow, that’s a long drive, did you go on your own? If you go there in July maybe I can hitch a ride with you…am going down there for my friend’s wedding then. 🙂

April 1, 2010 - 11:26 am

Shara Hi – I just found your through Leilani. I’m in Fayetteville too. And, I am a thrifter BIG TIME! Where is this booth? I’d love to visit it.

There are a few new thrifts in town, if you need any more info, you can email me. Shara