Next big project.

So. I bought this very cool, very old chimney cabinet over the summer at a yard sale. It’s been sitting in the garage, and two days before I hauled everything down to Arkansas to open the booth, I decided I wanted to try and take it with me. So I slapped a coat of paint on it. Very bad move on my part. I was in a huge hurry, so I didn’t sand it. I think I primed it at least, but I can’t say for sure. Plus, I loathe the color I used. Pink? What was I thinking? And it’s the only Sherwin Williams paint I’ve ever disliked — it’s their enamel paint. Which is still latex, I think, but a high gloss (which I’ve decided I hate on furniture) and really thick and goopy. In the end, it looked like crap (of course), so I ended up leaving it behind. Now it’s my next project and I spent all weekend sanding it down.

(Pardon my messy back deck. It has become project central this month.)

I am loving my rotary sander. I used coarse grit paper at first, then moved to medium, then fine. That cabinet is smoooooooth now. But I’m in a quandry. Sanding it down revealed the most beautiful layers of colors: the pink the I misguidedly put on, then a yellow, then a green — the latter both beautiful vintage shades. It looks like this now:

I am kind of loving this look! Am I crazy for thinking that I could leave it this way? It looks like an old farmhouse cabinet. Either way, I have to paint the inside, because it’s a mess.

I could lie to you and say that unholy splotch of pink was there when I bought it, but I won’t. That was my idea to speed up the transformation. I bought a can of pink spray paint (that proved to be, basically, Pepto Bismol in spray formula) and tried to spray paint the inside to save some time. There was something wrong with the nozzle and it all splatted out all over the place. Look, that week before opening the booth was INSANE. I was running around like a crazy person, making som very bad decisions. Look at how cool this cabinet is, though:

You put these little blocks of wood on those notches and figure out where you want the shelves to be — totally adjustable. A lot of work went into making this cabinet! I just need to decide what the heck I’m going to do with it.

February 14, 2010 - 10:26 pm

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