A few finds…

Ugh. It’s cold and there’s old snow on the ground (so different from new snow, white and fluffy and hopeful) and I am convinced that I will not be warm again until May. Which, I’m afraid, isn’t far from the truth. I was looking at old posts on my wall in Facebook yesterday (looking for an old post from a friend) and I found yard sale photos I posted on June 20th — and I had written that that was the first nice weekend of the summer! June 20th! Was the first nice weekend! Of the summer! OH NOES I cannot take it. It doesn’t help that thrift pickings have been MIGHTY SLIM lately. The Brown Elephant on Clark re-organized their sales floor and walking into it for the first time I felt betrayed. How could they change something so familiar to me? It’s been several weeks and I am still not used to it. And I haven’t found anything good in there for a while now. Same with the Salvation Army, which has been strangely crowded lately. I went tonight and managed to find a few things, but none of them are very exciting.

Do you think this hat stand is from a department store? Surely no one had a monogrammed hat stand. That is TOO ridiculous. I know I’m not supposed to be buying hats anymore as I’m considering getting rid of my current collection, but I HAD to buy SOMETHING.

I thought this was vintage but those flowers are most decidedly not vintage. But it’s kind of fun and outrageous, so I bought it.

This one is definitely vintage. And sweet.

This is cool, right? Or is it? I couldn’t decide. I was extraordinarily inexpensive so I thought, what the hell. The wood is pretty dinged up, but I definitely don’t want to go to the trouble of refinishing…should I maybe paint it? Or would that be terrible? I can’t decide how old it is, but the needlepoint is in perfect shape.

I got a metric ton of this green¬†tasselfor $2. I know the color is a little…¬†off-putting…but I figure with the right fabric, it could dress up a funky pillow. I’ve never met a sewing notion I didn’t love, whatever the color.

That’s IT, folks. I’m taking tomorrow off so I might get out to a few more thrift stores…but I’ll be dreaming of yard sale season.

February 5, 2010 - 9:47 am

janie hightower Very interesting purchases. My comments are as follows.
1. Spring comes to Arkansas in March.
2. I love the hats. The child’s hat sent a wash of Easter-when-I-was-little feeling over me — that’s how vintage those flowers are!.
3. Fix up that “B” table and somebody will buy it, some Bernadette or Belinda person.
4. If it was mine, I would get a rag and rub stain on the footstool wood parts. FIRST, cover the needlepoint with plastic, tho. (Always being the Mom, you know.)
5. That green trim is an excellent vintage color.