Craft Room Clean-Up!

At Casa Pretty. Quirky., my husband and I are lucky enough to each  have our own little hobby rooms. We dubbed his room The Media Center because the vast majority of  North America’s electronic equipment is located in there. If you ever experience a power lull in your home, it is probably because my husband has turned on yet another of his electronic devices. Mine is called The Craft Room, which is hilarious, because I’ve never actually done any crafts in there. Instead, it’s where I throw all of my crap and where I keep my steadily increasing collections of craft materials — which I apparently never plan on using on actual craft projects. Instead, it’s a dumping ground. Before I went back to school after the holidays I tackled the job because I knew there was stuff in there that could be in the booth that I had forgotten about.

I stitched these together in a Frankenstein-like manner in Photoshop, so excuse the weird look to them. I almost didn’t post these, because the after still looks SUPER cluttered! Those lampshades in the corner are supposed to be completed for the Vintage Bazaar but with the weather as it is, I can’t spray adhesive outside, so that’s on hold.  At least you can see the floor in the after photo!

I have so much ribbon that I rigged up this little hanging system — they’re just curtain rods mounted to the wall.

This summer, I got into the habit of buying every 1950s-1960s multi-strand necklace I saw.  I WANT to be the kind of girl who wears little vintage, knee-length  sun dresses with spaghetti straps that would look so cute with these necklaces…but I will never be that girl. And if I was, the dress would be covered in paint within 30 minutes of putting it on. The cream-colored necklace would be so lovely with a wedding dress, I think. Right now, they’re decorating my jars with yet more ribbon in them.

So far, you can still see the floor in the room. I can’t make any promises as to how long that will be the case, however.

January 17, 2010 - 11:01 pm

janie hightower I think it looks great. My DEN isn’t that neat. I love the photos down the right-hand side of your page.

January 18, 2010 - 11:39 am

JunkHunk My room is actually the “Sanctuary,” but I can never get anybody to call it that. At least “Media Center” is appropriate. And it’s a hell of a lot better than “Man Cave.”