Sigh. Look at these plates.

I found these a few months ago in a Salvation Army. Six dinner plates and five salad plates.

Impractical? Yes. But seriously — how could I resist? The roses are raised, and the blue is such a beautiful color. The maker is Harmony House and the pattern is Cameo Rose. Also, FYI, these are oven proof. What’s the story with 50s and 60s dishes being marked oven proof? Is it because the little wife would put a plate of dinner in the oven to warm up when the husband came home, late from the office? Or, speaking in Mad Men terms, late from “the office?”

Anyway, these make me so happy.

January 14, 2010 - 1:49 pm

Leilani I think it’s the same reason that Pyrex could be used in the fridge, the oven or on the table… since they didn’t have microwaves I figure they re-warmed leftovers in Pyrex or directly on the plate!