Holiday Report and Boothy News.

Arkansas was wonderful. For the first four or five days it was above 50 degrees out! I washed my car! It was delicious. It did get cold during the second half of my visit, but by then I was warmed by the love of my wonderful family (AWWWWWWW!). It was a lovely visit, and my nieces are prettier than ever.

Right??!!! Too adorable.

So while I was in Fayetteville, I went to the booth EVERY DAY to straighten and add merchandise. I was obsessed. If I lived in the same town as my booth, I know I would be up there on, like, an hourly basis, trying to replace items AS THEY’RE PURCHASED. It’s very addictive.

The plate/platter rack in the far left photo turned out to be a really great tool — it’s hung from the pegboard and my SIL has to replace platters every week — they’re selling like hotcakes! They’re one of the biggest sellers we’ve had so far.

The wooden bowls in the middle photo and the picnic baskets in the far right photo are the other big winners. Originally, there were three different baskets on that aqua chair, and they sold right away. Luckily I had two more in storage to replace them with.

We’re trying to use the hooks and the pegboards wisely — we only have two walls in our space, because it’s kind of a corner space, so we don’t have as much pegboard as other booths.  The space is really small, and we can’t sell furniture in it — there’s just no room. I’m already feeling all anxious to get a bigger space but I think we should stick to what we have for now, since poor Michelle is the sole person responsible for maintaining it. This visit I stuffed it as full as I possibly can, hoping that customers can peel off a whole layer of merchandise and reveal another fresh layer without worrying about too much re-stocking.

It’s still such a learning experience, as I’m figuring out what people will actually buy and what they’re just not interested in. I got obsessed with those vintage baby planters that used to hold flowers for new moms, and was buying them left and right, but not one single one has sold yet. I think they would be so cute in a nursery for holding cotton balls or q-tips, but APPARENTLY I’m the only one who thinks so. So I’ll out the kibosh on buying any more of those. It’s all a learning process, baby. FUN, though.

I got THE most awesome set of dishes in Little Rock. I’ll be posting those as soon as I get photos of them!