Shiny Brite Love.

xmas wreath 1I am such a huge Shiny Brite fan. You would not believe how many vintage ornaments I have accumulated over the years. Wait, here, let me show you a photo to help you understand.

xmas ornamentsThat’s right, people, I have no shame in my hoarding practices. I put it all out there. A few years ago I started making wreaths out of the vintage ornaments I was finding, and decided to make a few this year to put in the booth. I’ve already sold one (the one in the first photo) and may have sold more — I haven’t gotten my weekly stock report from The Best Sister-in-Law in the World yet.

xmas wreath 2The secret to these wreaths is to use plain, not-so-old ornaments as the base — and only use your extra-special Shiny Brites as the finishing touch, the last layer. For the next one, I didn’t even use any super-special Shiny Brites and it still turned out pretty cute.

xmas wreath 3Step-by-Step instructions can be found on the awesome  BackGarage.

October 30, 2011 - 9:11 pm

Robin Lara Jo, Step-by-Step instructions BackGarage when clicked is not found. How can I get these instructions. It looks like you used a foam wreath wrapped with red ribbon then hot glued them on. Thanks for your help! You have cool ideas and I already pinned your Ornament Swag to my pinterest but the Ornament Wreath instuctions do not show up.

October 30, 2011 - 9:39 pm

Lara Jo Hey! Thanks for writing. Every time I get a new message I can’t believe people are still visiting the site…I’ve gotten SO BAD about updating. Some day, I may get back to it. Katherine (BackGarage) re-did her website some time ago, so the instructions are lost, but it’s a pretty simple process: I took one of those Styrofoam wreaths you can get at Michaels and wrapped it with ribbon — I usually use less expensive, plastic-y kind of ribbon for this, like the kind of stuff florists use. I use a glue gun to secure the ribbon, then use the glue gun to glue the ornaments on to the wreath. I start on the outside of the wreath first, then build into that. Obviously, you use the least interesting ornaments on the bottom layer and save the fancy ones for the top of the wreath. The tiny ornaments you can find at yard sales and thrift stores can really come in handy for this project, because you’re going to have holes and bald places where you won’t want to put a full-size ornament as it will be too big. Make sure to apply the glue on as many points of contact as possible, as I’ve had a lot of these ornaments fall off the wreaths after a year or so. Also, make sure you tie the ribbon you’ll use to hang it BEFORE you start gluing the ornaments on (that’s a mistake I’ve made way too many times!). Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense or you need more info. Good luck with it, and thanks again for reading!

December 13, 2011 - 11:02 pm