Wisconsin Treasures, Part 1.

Okay, so I told you about Odana Antiques in Madison. One of my favorite booths there has an amazing selection of children’s books from the 30s and 40s. I have to decide how much I’m going to spend before I even enter the booth or else I’ll end up spending waaaaay too much money.

Wi children's books framed 2This is Little Red Riding Hood, obviously. Every photo in this book is screaming to be framed (well, except for the rather terrifying one of the wolf dressed up like grandma in the bed — that’s probably not one you’d want to hang in baby’s room), so I’m going to have to figure out which ones to choose. It kills me that when you frame one, you waste the picture on the back.

My plan is to frame them for the booth, but the problem is that they’re really too big for any of the frames that I have on hand currently — they’re odd sizes, like 18 inches by 18 inches. (That’s why I took photos of them instead of scanning, which would have been a better way to show you the amazing detail.) ¬†So I’m trying to figure out a way I can maybe use a combination of fabric, ribbon, and sewing stitches to somehow create a banner to hang in a baby’s room. The illustrations are just too cute not to display in some way.

wi children's books framed 3

This is from a book of nursery rhymes, illustrated by my new favorite children’s book ¬†illustrator, Ruth Newton. Each of these is cutest than the next.

wi children's books framed 1

This is another one by Ruth Newton called “Let’s Play Train.”

So I got all of these books plus two sets of paper dolls for around $70. If I can figure out how to frame/display them, they’ll be worth every penny. Heck, just looking at them makes me smile, so I figure I got more than my money’s worth already.

May 24, 2010 - 9:43 pm

Alysia Hello,
I have the book Let’s Play Store. We found it on our new property in a shed. It’s printed on canvas like material, I can’t find anything online about this book. Do you have any info or know what it may be worth?