Pretty.Quirky. Antique Mall Launch!

Big news: we got word that there’s an empty booth at the Antique Mall in Fayetteville, Arkansas that we’ve been waiting to move into. I got the news at the very end of October and we wanted to get in as soon as possible, so I have been frantically packing stuff for the trip.

We got back last Wednesday and I’ve just now gotten enough energy to post about it! It was exhausting, but exhilarating. I’m sick that we don’t have pictures to post — I finished with the final touches on the booth five minutes before the store closed and reached for the camera, only to realize that the photo card wasn’t in it. My SIL is going to take some shots when she gets a chance, so I’ll be posting those as soon as I get them.The only pictures I have right now are of us decorating the peg boards, which we did by using pages from an antique hymnal:

peg board collageI’m pretty sure I stole this idea from Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry, whose posts on her booths are always breathtaking. It was really easy — just spray the board with spray adhesive and slap the pages every which way. I think they turned out really well and offer an interesting background for the prints hanging on them.

Our space is 6X6, in a sort of corner configuration that looked really big WHEN IT WAS EMPTY. So that’s number one in the list of things I learned this week: your space is smaller than it looks. I think I got maybe a tenth of the stuff I hauled down there in the booth — the rest went into a storage space from which, hopefully, it will be easy for SIL to restock the booth. I don’t know how any of this is going to work, really — it’s all going to be a learning experience, but, as SIL says, the worst that can happen is that we’re out $77 (that’s how much monthly rent is on the booth — can you believe it’s so cheap?)

Well, $77 and a whole lotta work, which involved all members of my family, from my mom and dad down to my hard-working nieces, who are helping sound off on booth aesthetics. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I worked so hard, with actual physical labor. What a spoiled girl I am! Probably the most stressful was driving the crap from Chicago to Fayetteville. I rented what I thought was a 5X8 trailer from Uhaul to tow with my Subaru Forester — didn’t figure out it was actually a 6X12 until about halfway through the trip, after many long, harrowing hours of gripping the steering wheel and feeling like death was following me at every turn. The wise Uhaul employees hooked up a trailer that was too heavy for the weight of my car. IT WAS NOT FUN. A 10-hour trip took us 15 hours!15 incredibly stressful hours.  Lesson 2: Do not use Uhaul.

One thing is apparent, though, in a space our size: we might have to choose between selling big things (i.e., furniture) and small things. I guess if you’re prepared with a ton of furniture, all ready to go, you can use your “for sale” furniture as your display pieces for the smaller stuff — but since I’m 10 hours away and SIL can’t move big stuff by herself, that’s not really going to work. So I would say Lesson 3 would be: have a floor plan ready to go so you know what will and will not fit in your space. And box things up accordingly.  As it is, I’m going to spend most of my Christmas break in a cold storage space, sorting and pricing items.

It’s been almost a week, and I don’t know if we’ve sold much (although we sold a platter while we were setting the booth up! Our first $5!). I think SIL is going down tomorrow to check and see if there’s much missing…reports to follow! Oh, and pictures. As soon as I get them.