Let’s shed a little light, shall we?

Look. A Chicago winter is endless. We have nothing but miserable, grey skies to look forward to from now until May. Cold, dreary mornings, colder, drearier evenings, and dark as midnight at 4 pm. I can accept that. But how unfair is it that it’s been raining, gray, and miserable for what seems like twelve years and it’s only October? REALLY, REALLY UNFAIR. I already feel my Seasonal Affective Disorder ramping up and we’re still in Fall.

Seemed like a good time to tackle a project that involves bright, cheery light. Lampshades! I find so many awesome lamps at yard sales and thrift stores but they either have dreadfully ugly lampshades or no lampshades at all. I’ve read that it’s pretty easy to recover the shades yourself, so of course I started collecting lampshades.

lampshade collectionEveryone knows you have to spend months and months collecting things before you actually start on a project, right, RIGHT?

Here’s what I ended up with.

lamps tri shotI was pretty happy with the results, although now that a few days have passed, I can say that heavier fabrics are more appropriate for this project than lighter fabrics like cotton. But it’s really amazing how much you can change the look of a lamp by doing this project.

Step-by-step instructions can be found here on one of my favorite blogs, BackGarage.