Throwing my hat into the ring.

So. Does the world really need another blog? I spend hours surfing on the Internet and find so many outrageously creative, inspired, well-written blogs that cover all of the things that I’m so very interested in and for a while I thought the answer was a resounding “no.”

But then I got interested in photography, and started moving towards my thrift store/yard sales/estate sale finds becoming more of a business than a hobby, and I realized I wanted a place to keep track of it all as well as share it with family and friends. And, frankly, I think I was freaking some of my friends on Facebook out by posting my yard sale finds every weekend (frequent wall messages included “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO WITH ALL OF THIS STUFF?”) so, I thought, I’ll keep all my obsessions in one place, and share it with like-minded people.

That means you. Thanks for reading.

Here’s a little about me: I live in Chicago but am originally from the south (Arkansas, to be exact). I miss both the people and climate of the south but I love the opportunities and culture of the city. I’m a guidance counselor at an inner-city school and, on a daily basis, feel overwhelmed, sad, humbled, and thrilled about the students I have the privilege of working with. I have been obsessed with old stuff since I was a child and my mom and dad took me yard saling with them. I’m currently on a few waiting lists for antique malls in Arkansas (the ones in Chicago are simply too expensive — upwards of $300 a month!) and hope to partner with my sister-in-law and mom in that venture.

Remember the tax stimulus rebate we got a few years back? I used that along with some other money I had saved to buy a Nikon D80 and am still struggling to learn to use it. Just this past summer I learned to shoot on a manual setting, so I have made SOME progress!

Check back for reports on my constant and all-consuming vintage shopping. And, hey, thanks for being interested in yet one more blog.